Who Plants Churches in India?

HBI Global Partners Plants Churches in India.

HBI Global Partners is a Christian mission organization dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission by spreading the Good News throughout India. One of the main ways they do this is by church planting in India. HBI Global Partners was founded by Dr. Paul Gupta, a native of India who had a radical experience with God and converted to Christianity. Today, his son, Bobby, carries on his legacy and vision of winning India to Christ.

One reason HBI Global Partners has been so effective at sharing the Good News in India is through connecting with locals and providing extensive pastoral training to those even from the farthest villages. After going through the training, locals are able to travel back to their villages and share Christ and be apart of the India church planting movement.

HBI Global Partner’s India Strategies

HBI Global Partners has a few strategies they use to not only share the Word of God with people in India but also to shower them with love and serve them as Christ would. Here is a list of their strategies:

India Church Planting

One of the main strategies HBI Global Partners relies on to spread the Word of God is church planting in India. HBI has managed to plant 11,000 churches across India simply by connecting with locals and providing them with the means to plant a church. This is allowing HBI Global Partners to extend its reach passed the four walls of their training centers.

Children At Risk

There are over 400 million children in India under the age of 15. These children face the greatest risks of trafficking, poverty, and sickness. At HBI Global Partners, they are dedicated to providing safe places for the kids to learn, eat, and stay. HBI has build children development centers, regional drop-in centers, and day schools that provide a way for the children to get off the streets and be in a safe environment.

Leadership Development

It’s important that leaders are developed in order to raise up the church. HBI Global partners provide accredited seminary and training for both men and women to receive theology degrees and training.

Health and Wellness Services

There are many areas throughout India where many people don’t receive the proper healthcare that they need. HBI has medical camps where local doctors and short term medical missions can join together to provide general medicine and wellness teaching. HBI also takes part in any disaster relief that may be needed.

What People Are Saying About HBI Global Partners

A great privilege to join God in His mission in India” – M. Saro

A great organization doing great things across India!“- J. Turner

HBI is in action on the ground giving food & water to migrants and street dwellers.” – J. Raubach

Contact Information

HBI Global Partners

P.O. BOX 3037 BROKEN ARROW, OK 74013

(877) 424-4634

[email protected]

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Before He ascended into Heaven, Jesus said: “go into all the world and preach the gospel.” HBI Global Partners is dedicated to fulfilling this commission and see the country of India come to know Jesus. What started in 1952 by Dr. Paul Gupta has been carried through the generations to make an everlasting change in India and its people.

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